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Graphic production and assembly for museums 2

Graphic production and assembly for museums

Musealia at the exhibition "The Auschwitz Exhibition" in Boston

At BASE 3, we are proud to have contributed to Musealia's recent presentation of "The Auschwitz Exhibition", held at The Saunders Castle at Park Plaza in Boston (USA).

Musealia is an independent Spanish company dedicated to creating and managing traveling exhibitions that explore powerful stories from our past to illuminate the present and inspire new ways of thinking.

Our production and design experience was brought into play to create an exceptional atmosphere at this very important exhibition.

The exhibition featured beMatrix aluminum modular frames, known for their versatility and stability. To dress these frames, we produced over 1,500 square meters of sublimation printed fabric, carefully sewn with a silicone edge for a flawless finish.

The uniformity of colour tones was essential to maintain visual continuity throughout the exhibition, ensuring that each canvas was the perfect size to fit with the proper tension in the frames.

As a complement to our textile production, we also took care of printing in high quality all the explanatory text boards that guided visitors through the exhibition, thus ensuring an informative and aesthetic experience for all attendees.

We are delighted to have collaborated with Musealia, which has allowed us to contribute to significant projects such as "The Auschwitz Exhibition".

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